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Month: March 2019

Boothill Graveyard

Boothill Graveyard is a small graveyard of at least 250 interments located in TombstoneCochise County, Arizona.[2] Also known as the “Old City Cemetery”, the graveyard was used after 1883 only to bury outlaws and a few others. Notable interments and grave markers:

  • Marshal Fred White, killed by Curly Bill Brocius on October 30, 1880.
  • Tom McLauryFrank McLaury, and Billy Clanton, killed in the O.K. Corral shootouton October 26, 1881.
  • Dan “Big Dan” Dowd, Omer W. “Red” Sample, James “Tex” Howard, William E. “Billy” Delaney and Daniel “York” Kelly, perpetrators of the Bisbee massacre, legally hanged on March 28, 1884. John Heath, accused of organizing the robbery leading to the massacre, has a grave marker nearby but his body was actually returned to his hometown in Terrell, Texas.
  • Jack Dunlop aka “Three Fingered Jack” died of wounds on February 24, 1900 after an attempted holdup.[5]
  • China Mary a.k.a. Mrs. Ah Lum. According to True West Magazine China Mary managed a well-stocked general store where she dealt in both American and Chinese goods. Mary was also a money lender and she used her own judgment to determine borrower’s credibility. When Mary died of heart failure in 1906, the town folks had a large turnout for her service. She was buried in Tombstone’s Boothill Cemetery.[6]
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Saguaro National Park

Saguaro National Park is home to 25 species of cactus ranging from the towering saguaro cactus (Carnegiea gigantea) to the tiniest type of cactus in the park, the mammillaria (Mammillaria spp). The most common cacti species at Saguaro National Park and within Tucson, Arizona include:

  • Saguaro cactus (Carnegiea gigantea)
  • Fishhook barrel cactus (Ferocactus wislizenii)
  • Staghorn cholla cactus (Opuntia versicolor)
  • Pinkflower hedgehog cactus (Echinocereus fendleri var. fasciculatus)
  • Engelman’s prickly pear cactus (Opuntia engelmannii)
  • Teddybear cholla cactus (Opuntia bigelovii)
  • Chainfruit (jumping) cholla cactus (Opuntia fulgida)
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Vacuum Cleaning

C’mon let’s place
the sun and mountains
where they belong
let’s do some simple housekeeping
let’s get away
from these Augean stables
we never started the fire
writings mine have never been “Helen of Troy”
……something to die for; and you….
You never had patience for clutter of love
So come let’s take a ride on vacuum cleaner
come let’s vacuum our vacuums
come let’s be strangers again…..
and talk

© Frank Lisa IndiRa Francesca Roger Platt Cornish Martin


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Beside My Lamp

I lie awake,
With the lamp near me…
Thinking of you,
It’s surprising me…

I like awake,
Thinking of you and me…
Just a thought of you
causes my heart to glee…

I close my eyes,
then you’re infront of me,
I touched your face,
Then shivers covered me…

I wrote this poem
to preserve…
I wrote your name,
then turned off the lamp.

© Geovanni Leaño


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Pane Of Glass

Can you believe in me?
I watch your features of an angel
Reflect in the moonlight
And the pale warmth begins.

You watch the last
Dying embers of life’s morbidity,
The fading of youth’s season-
A passing permanence of today’s era.

For me, it’s love at first sight.

My record of your beauty changes
With each passing of the clock-
My love and awe never die,
Shone back to you around my cracks.

Your sweet breath is the heat of eternity
And I hang onto it clenched
Knowing it will die
Knowing it will pass,

Wanting you anyway.

You can’t see me, but I’m here in front of you
My heart surrounds you, intangible-
So full, yet so blank.
You know you are the glory of this world,

For I have shown you.

So can you believe?

© Tsani Jones

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If i don’t swing,
you find me cowering.
Hiding behind the truth,
begotten with discomfort.
Disparaging my longing
all across the world.
So you find my everywhere,
in shattered pieces
of my dreams and hope.
Also uttering my sadness,
and pain.
So no mather how shattered
i may seem.
It is also my strengt,
since there are many more
like me everywhere you go.
And sooner or later,
we’ll gather to join forces.
Ready to put all the pieces
together of what will be
a colourfull mosaic.
Expressing humanity’s soul,
forging a great monument
of our true longing
to not only to overcome our
pain but more so to share
all our life story’s put together.
Raising the glory,
we seemed forgotten for so long,
as we felt the downside of living
life on earth.
Cause oncemore we’ll remember
eachother of the longing we’ll
carried with us in our heart
all along right from the start.
So everybody will learn
the hidden truth from our youth.
It will be a glad tiding,
once we become heralds
who are the message.
Rather then people who
have a message about life.
And from that day on,
Humanity’s soul
will truly revive
all we knew to be
installed for us.

© Ruerd Visser

Model: Aleksandra

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Blue is what you feel when you are feeling down,
Blue is the sky on a summer’s day,
Blue is the sea and the oceans
Blue is the waves that crash against the rocks,
Blue is the ice and the cold of winter
Blue is a tear rolling down your cheek,
Blue is what I feel.

© Yasmin Khodaie


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