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A Lovely Date

Dear peacock when you dance in a forest,It’s the beauty itself that dances with you,Can you tell me how do you love and the res...

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Teddy Bear

My teddy bear was getting old.I showed him to my dad.The threads that made his mouth were gone.My teddy bear looked so sad.His ...

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In the Park

She sits in the park. Her clothes are out of date.Two children whine and bicker, tug her skirt.A third draws aimless patterns i...

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Revitalized Buildings

Architectural photography is one of the oldest forms of photography there is. Architecture is all around us – so photographers ...

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Another Touch

Seeing you from time to timeI always smile insideWe speak about nothingIt’s like a preludeTo something elseSomething moreI don’...

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A Kiss

Drenching my mouthIn the pastels - tintsOf its passing,Absorbing every touch of its colourThis warmth I love,It pulsates in blo...

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Cuba, officially the Republic of Cuba is an island country comprising the island of Cuba, as well as Isla de la Juventud and se...

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The End Of Love Story

 This is the endThe end of thisStory of loveWhich has never existedAnywhere justIn memory in thoughtsJust in my mindJust in dre...

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Her Witchcraft

ll this artful energy is divine, and legend -
Never a watched moment lost in tenderness;
Never the ghostly whisper of your gent...

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Good Morning Lovely

Good morning lovelyI hope that you're wellI know you feel lonelyBut when you smile I can't tell

I know things look badBut ther...

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The Dream

Love, if I weep it will not matter,
And if you laugh I shall not care;
Foolish am I to think about it,
But it is good to feel y...

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White Black And Red

I need you to knowI am a child of the nightI wear this white dressgone blackfrom always crying with make up on my eyes.I'm wear...

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Adam is the nucleus of all humans, a post-apocalyptic race mix and a multiracial genetic cyborg. He is one of the few people l...

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Portugal is a country located mostly on the Iberian Peninsula, in southwestern Europe. It is the westernmost sovereign state of...

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Me And My Tree


Up in my tree
its all about me
i can do what i want
and be free
I can change my font
as so...

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She buried the thought
seeds of the longago rape.
Spirit fields then did ignite
with rapeseed light.
by Saiom Shriver

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This scorpion hasNo poisonGrief notGrief not, my dearNothing to grief.You are the product of loveYou are the part and parcel o...

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Lost Love...

She sat on the beach
Staring out at the crashing waves
Her eyes misted over as she recalls his sweet kiss

As their lip...

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The Painter

I wanted to draw a painting
on the canvas called life...
beatiful, mystic yet attractive..

I started adding on colours...

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Water Mill

That small narrow meandering path
In the lush green fields
Moving with the stream
Over the precipice
With a gush
The water fa...

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Red Hair Girl

There's nothing like a red
headed girl
standing at the bar ordering a drink
next to me flamed haired wonder
talking away...

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With the view of the small lake.

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White clouds that rose clouds chase
Till the sky laughs round, blue and bare;
Sunbeams that quivering waves out--race

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Old Wooden Stairs

True love has slipped through my fingertips.
In the dark I cry on a starlit night.
The oak tree's reach is high in the di...

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Yours Forever

You have me, my love
I have you: my promise
Love envelopes like gloves
Share lives, like always
Stay two-in-one till the end

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Love Tree

Branch, spread your love
To those who'd rest in your shade
Let kindness clothe you like glove
Comfort giver, you were made

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Love Among The Ruin

They say it better to love and lost, than to not loved at all
But they are all wrong.
For I have loved among the ruin.

I hav...

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The Wild Woman

The Wild Woman
She surfaced
Through the myriads of materialistic layers
Overpowering and taming the self
Ensconced in m...

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Heart Shaped Rocks

Abandoned without provocation
My lover set the stage
I plead for vindication
Ever I missed a page
My eyes no longer reflect u...

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You Didn't Know

You didn't know what you held in your hands,
What you tamed by touch...
What tenderness and delicacy...
You didn't know...

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Lemurs of Madagascar

Lemurs are mammals of the order Primates, divided into 8 families and consisting of 15 genera and around 100 existing species. ...

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Łódź, written in English as Lodz,[a] is the third-largest city in Poland and a former industrial centre. L...

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Denmark  officially the Kingdom of Denmark,[N 10] is a Nordic country in Northern Europe. Denmark proper,[N 2] which is the so...

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My skin is kind of sort of brownish
Pinkish yellowish white.
My eyes are greyish blueish green,
But I'm told they look o...

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, is an island country in South Asia, located in the India...

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Nepal, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal,[15] is a country in South Asia. It is located mainl...

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The Genesis Of Me

pushed by the current
going with the flow
first at the gate

meeting and connecting

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Hot Stove?

I touched you ever so gently,
You were a hot stove.
I placed my heart next to you,
You were a hot stove.

I tried to h...

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My Princess

At the first time that I had seen her,
she did something to me
with her big eyes glancing into mine
and she being so streamli...

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Sailor Of The Seas

What beauty as she shines in the light of the sun,
Full of love, yet her heart impossible to be won.
A woman of nature, a...

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First Love

You never forget your first love.
You remember your first kiss, your first hug,
The Christmas parties,
And the love.


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Work Me

Scold me for being in love,
and not know the truth.
Curse me for trying to end,
what never even grew.

Damn me for all...

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The Little Mermaid

The little mermaid's dreams were kept
And nestled tenderly...
Her Father's Kingdom full of grace
And wonders rarely known

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A Fashion Myth

For the birds,
For love,
All classic,
All right.

Very intense art.
Life, all again
All caught up with time.

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The Maldives officially the Republic of Maldives, is a small island nation in South Asia, located in the&nb...

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Shield My Heart

As I lay here in total darkness
or even a dimmed room.
I start to space out cause your not around.
The darkness clouds m...

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White Dress

In my dreams,
I see a girl in a white dress.

In the sunshine of the day I don't see her,
But I know she's here.

I f...

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I Lost Me

I lost me...

My eyes have forgotten how to cry.
My heart has forgotten how to feel.
My soul has gone missing.
I am so...

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I walk on the course
with a great big smile on my face

Then I tee off
The ball soars like a bird in the sky

Lands r...

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The Farm Girl

With shoulder length brown hair she is close to her prime
And beauty such as she has does inspire bards to rhyme
A twenty...

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It's a beautiful ride
In life a loving journey
One peace of happiness
Treasures of memories

On the motorcycle

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Sunflowers are obedient,
to the sun's eternal light.
Drawn upward by the sun's warm rays,
they praise Him, day and night...

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Wheat Fields

driving past wheat fields
when I am lost, but found through
music-filled daydreams

by Jessie Garber

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Goddess Of Beauty

Eyes wild enough to tame the wild
your lips ripe as the berries in June
i touch your skin to realize how mild
one needs ...

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The Lumberjack

You tell me you're no beauty queen.
You say I must be blind.
You'd rather somethings go unseen
And hope that I don't min...

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Empty Old Houses

Empty old houses can talk…
But one must know how to listen…
to hear them

Empty old houses have stories…
But one must ...

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The Harbor

Passing through huddled and ugly walls
By doorways where women
Looked from their hunger-deep eyes,
Haunted with shadows ...

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I miss a place I used to go,
A meadow, sweet, and lost in time,
Hot in June,
Warm in Fall,
Enchanted in December...

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Sculpture Me

Sculpture me an evening
When I can smile again
Take my hand and show me
Where to throw the pain

For I have needs to empty...

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Cherry Villa

As early sunshine covered up
the wider garden,
The sight swell buzzing by
echo sounds of purple martin,
The green leafs lul...

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A Light In The Attic

There's a light on in the attic.
Thought the house is dark and shuttered,
I can see a flickerin' flutter,
And I know wha...

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Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross or the Way of the Cross, also known as the Way of Sorrows or the Via Crucis, refers to a series of im...

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The lion (Panthera leo) is a species in the family Felidae; it is a muscular, deep-chested cat with a short, rounded head, a re...

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Tarsiers are any haplorrhine primates of the family Tarsiidae, which is itself the lone extant family within the infraorder Tar...

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Crimea is a peninsula on the northern coast of the Black Sea in Eastern Europe that is almost completely surrounded by both...

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Numerous mammals can be found in RPA including lions, African leopards, South African cheetahs, southern white rhinos, blue wil...

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Delta Okavango

The Okavango Delta in Botswana is a swampy inland delta formed where the Okavango River reaches a tectonic trough in the centra...

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Cock Fight

A cockfight is a blood sport between two cocks, or gamecocks, held in a ring called a cockpit. The history of raising fowl for ...

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Crucifixion in the Philippines is a devotional practice held every Good Friday, and is part of the local observance of Holy Wee...

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The Philippines, officially the Republic of the Philippines is an archipelagic country in Southeast Asia. Situated in the weste...

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Guadeloupe is an overseas region of France in the Caribbean. It consists of six inhabited islands, Basse-Terre, Grande-Terre, M...

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Home, Sweet Home

My home, your home,
Our home, sweet home,
Home, home, sweet home,
Rightly said, no place
Is there like our home,
- The...

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Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania. It is composed of the Zanzibar Archipelago in the Indian Ocean, 25–50 kilome...

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Fiji, officially the Republic of Fiji,[13] is an island country in Melanesia, part of Oceania&nb...

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Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia,[12] is a sovereign country comprising the mainland of the Australian cont...

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Chair Of Love

I wait for the day
When I will rock my ache away
On the chair we will make
Of our love. But today,
Back and forth my so...

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Boothill Graveyard

Boothill Graveyard is a small graveyard of at least 250 interments located in Tombstone, Cochise County, Arizona.[2] Also known...

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Vacuum Cleaning

C'mon let's place
the sun and mountains
where they belong
let's do some simple housekeeping
let's get away
from these ...

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Beside My Lamp

I lie awake,
With the lamp near me...
Thinking of you,
It's surprising me...

I like awake,
Thinking of you and me......

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Pane Of Glass

Can you believe in me?
I watch your features of an angel
Reflect in the moonlight
And the pale warmth begins.

You wat...

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If i don't swing,
you find me cowering.
Hiding behind the truth,
begotten with discomfort.
Disparaging my l...

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Blue is what you feel when you are feeling down,
Blue is the sky on a summer’s day,
Blue is the sea and the oceans
Blue ...

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It hollows me out.
It fills me up.
It helps me think.
It empties my thoughts.
It was there when you weren't.

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Again the door has closed tight
I am left in a sullen dark space
Wound into myself through the night
Feeling alive, but ...

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Santorini, classically Thera, and officially Thira, is an island in the southern Aegean Sea, about 200 km (120 mi) southeast of...

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The exact date of the establishment of the monasteries is unknown. By the late 11th and early 12th centuries, a rudimentary mon...

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Acropolis of Athens

The greatest and finest sanctuary of ancient Athens, dedicated primarily to its patron, the goddess Athena, dominates the centr...

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Bad girl

She sits there quiet in the dark of night
Alone, afraid, confused;
She wants to know what she's done wrong
And why she's...

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Look Out My Window

Look out my window
See what I see
Watching the birds fly
Believing in me,
As here comes my music
Then here comes my so...

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I am an Alien

I'm an alien to myself,
Because, I often improvise my doings
I don't feel satisfied,
for whatever I have achieved
I don...

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You were just a shining drop on me,
making me forget everything.
I was drowning deep in you,
Forgetting myself.
That wa...

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Venice is situated across a group of 118 small islands[1] that are separated by canals and linked by over 400 bridges.[2][3] Th...

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The Wild Horse

I ride the wild horse
The windy steed with the bloody hooves
I have no reins, no control, no will of my own
My arms tigh...

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The jacuzzi

I am alone my love
roses all around
Candles are burning
soft music is playing
Wine is chilled
The jacuzzi is full

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Oxygen isn’t just O2
Love is in the air
H2O = water
But tears are more than just water

by J.M Berger

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"The coffin, or sometimes a stretcher, is carried by an all-male troupe to the temple and the body removed. The deceased is the...

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Dish Of The Day

For today's special
we'd like to recommend a very spicy
'killer' stew
The innkeeper
seemed in no mood to joke
You won'...

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Geometry to Me

You, Man … Are The Angles
To My Curves
Hard and Sharp Corners
To My Circular-Swerves

You Are Exact
To My Abstract

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Apollo the god of sun and light
The creator of day and night
Second in command to his father
Obeyed and respected by his...

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La Pantera Negra

She resides in darkness,
But cannot be seen in the shadows,
She waits quietly choosing her prey,
But nothing cannot outw...

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All my feelings are on a shelf
until I take them out and show people
how i really feel
i keep them inside
to protect my...

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Here in this armchair
I can go to the edge of time
In my head
I travel through the heavens stars
In my heart I ...

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Kitchen Angel

Hey, my kitchen angel,
Eyes of ocean blue,
Dream from the depths of sleep,
True vision of sweet you.

My time is free ...

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Glamour Shots

A capable writer can sum up your life's dreams in a few words or less
A good photographer can capture your essence in a snap of...

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Lady On A Balcony

Suddenly she steps, wrapped into the wind,
brightly into brightness, as if singled out,
while now the room as though cut to f...

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Komodo Dragons

"Komodo dragons, or Komodo monitors, are the largest, heaviest lizards in the world — and one of the few with a venomous bite. ...

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There are thousands of crab species available on planet Earth. Definitely, few of them are amazingly beautiful and a sense of d...

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A Winter Love

I can feel cold in winter.
Cold is freezing my wet soil.
Snowflakes softly make a halo
as you watch me closer and closer.

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Like Onion

Like onion skin
My skin
Layer upon layer
But thin
You can peel me
But ever so slowly
You will cry
I am sorry
But if...

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Hawaii is a state of the United States of America located in the Pacific Ocean. It is the only U.S. state located outside North...

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Over The Roofs


Oh chimes set high on the sunny tower
Ring on, ring on unendingly,
Make all the hours a single hour,
For when the d...

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Spitsbergen is the largest and only permanently populated island of the Svalbard archipelago in northern Norway. The administra...

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Mount Yasur Vulcano

Mount Yasur is a volcano on Tanna Island, Vanuatu, 361 m (1,184 ft) high above sea level, on the coast near Sulphur Bay, northe...

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Tell me,
what am I supposed to feel?
I loved you once,
loved all of you.
I did what I could,
to keep from hurting you....

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Once Upon A Time

The past calls out
Memories cry silent in the night
The minds clear, hearing with out doubt
Who is wrong or who is right


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A Dream Lies Dead

A dream lies dead here. May you softly go
Before this place, and turn away your eyes,
Nor seek to know the look of that which d...

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Sand Dunes

Stretched far and wide,
Are the piles of sands
The waves of wind creates
Thousands at a time and
Thus recreates another...

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My Dear Sister


You'll grow up one day my dear sister
and you'll realize the beautiful world you see
is a pale love of those wh...

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Lost In The Forest

Lost in the forest, I broke off a dark twig
and lifted its whisper to my thirsty lips:
maybe it was the voice of the rain cryin...

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Under Construction

With bricks of pain
fired hard with experience
and sealed with a mortar of tears
the wall around my heart, which was careles...

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Dolly..Oh Dolly

Dolls, lovely dolls..all dolled up for her…
Bright, sweet and curly hair for her…
Gay abandon as Barbie becomes her…
Joy laughs...

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On The Beach

At dawn, bare footed, viewing as far as eyes can reach, the water's edge advances and recedes along the beach.

Before me I see...

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Above The City

To kiss the night
And taste the stars
Full of light

Perfect they are
such lovely bliss
And so complete
This perfect k...

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Forest Walk


The forest I could not find
Only trees filled my mind
Looking and searching was what I did
But I did not find ...

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Bed Time My Love

Bed time my love and I miss you so much.
See you in dream land where I can't wait
to just hug, hold, and kiss you.
Feel the war...

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Black Swan


On the stage
of glistening light of waves
a graceful queen in black gown
from some classic play


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I saw a woman with red hair,
who left me caught in quite the stare.
While she ran her fingers through that red ...

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The light is like a spider.
It crawls over the water.
It crawls over the edges of the snow.
It crawls under your eyelids...

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Look down as they all look at you.
They watch and clap,
For you in just a moment.
They think that its amazing
What you've don...

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Bad Dreams


Bad dreams get lost in the humid air
My hands run through your pretentious hair
Some shades are seen and some...

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Water Nymph

Water Nymph come swim with me,
in the deepest valleys of the sea.
Swim through the eddies,
flirt with the sea ladies.

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Where I Fit

My heart breaks
It aches for you
once i was so angry
your love made a way
healing took place in the darkness
I have never ...

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Sunrise Sea

It's sunrise
Most people are asleep
But I
Am awake
And up down by the sea

I hear the birds singing songs
I see the ...

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Yakel Village

Yakel has less then 200 inhabitants, a meeting place – the so-called Nakamal –  a large garden area with fruits and vegetables,...

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The Little Things

I think of you, at times when it’s not right,
When I shouldn’t be, especially at night,
Those memories, the smells, the t...

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Close The Door


Close the door after me
I will not be coming back again
I will be traveling
in a world of unknown
Flying in d...

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Love's Philosophy

The fountains mingle with the river
And the rivers with the ocean,
The winds of Heaven mix for ever
With a sweet emotion;

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The Owl

Down swoops lonely owl
Graceful talons search for prey
As field mice scatter

May you land, dear owl,
Where love is a place, le...

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Beautiful Skin

I love the shades
Of your beautiful skin
How in winter it blends
With the sheets we've been laying in

I love how the ...

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Losing You

With blue sheets all around us,
it’s almost like floating in the clouds.
At times like these,
I put my full trust into y...

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The Cold Evening

Remember that cold evening …
when everything was frozen …
but we were the ones to be together….
and we were the ones to ...

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If Love Was a Forest

If love was a forest
I tip toe the climb through its beating heart
There is lost love, the dry deaf leaves
Strewn ground hig...

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Overtop The City

if this is what you want
i'll give it to you
give me a second to clear
the smoke from the room
a day to clear my mind

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The Last Time

This is the last time
I'll think of you
nothing needs to be said
nothing else I could do

I love someone else
this I ...

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The Love Ivy

A new beginning
A new vision
A new goal,
A blazing friendship
A wanted love
An immortal soul

At the New Year

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One Moment in Time

Dinner is done and the night is still early...
the clock says it's just past nine.
I want to move a little closer to you....

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If You Only Knew

If you only knew,
what thoughts I'd been hiding.
If you could see the things I see,
you'd never sleep.
If you only knew...

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Melancholy Love

Love can have a hold
An unwanted hold on you
Despondent individual
Downcast heart
Love is hidden, deep, deep below

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Turtles breading


Within Indonesia’s West Kalimantan province on the island of Borneo lies a long stretch of sandy beach that is ve...

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In the Army Now

A tent
A cold brown tent
This is where I sleep
A river of soldiers’ blood
This is what I see
Piles and piles of de...

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Secret Room

A little room within my heart
has a door that wears a star
with a weathered name emblazoned there.
This is where you are...

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Man And Woman

Here's the trickle,
can be equal.
But never same.
what? Insane?
Reason so simple,
one is woman
the other is man.
one is ...

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A Red, Red Rose


My love is like a red, red rose
That's newly sprung in June :
My love is like the melody
That's sweetly played...

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Just one, that’s all I want
hold me in your arms
and tell me I’m not,
just another

I want to make you happy
I want t...

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Fragile Love

Eveytime I look at you I catch my breath,
Nothing can part us not even death,
My heart is spiralling flying up high,

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New Year Fire


Hours before the start of celebrations to mark the New Year, the Address Hotel in Downtown Dubai catched fire.


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Floating Islands


The Uru or Uros (Uru: Qhas Qut suñi) are an indigenous people of Peru and Bolivia. They live on on forty-two self...

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Everyday gets easier
But it’s still hard to say goodbye
Every time you walk away
It hurts a little less each day

Your hugs a...

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The Dark Side

Walking through the dark
Too blind to see
A huge weight on my shoulders
It almost crippled me.

Stood looking at the deep ...

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Dead End

You see no hope
and dreams disappear
you can talk to no one
for no one will hear
you no longer ask the sky
you no long...

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Sweet Temptation

Trapped by your kisses
Your sweet smell tormenting my every nerve
Your salty taste lingering in my mouth
Your fingers ge...

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Around My Heart

I am thinking of you, honey
but my thought stops at the door of your heart.
I am looking for your heart
but you lost my start.

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Bad Romance

how've you turned my world
you precious thing
you starve and near exhaust me
everything I have done
I have done for you...

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Dangerous Beauty

Her eyes glows with venom,
When she winks its death.
With a tongue coated with poison,
Her lips paralyzes like a viper's...

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Talk To Me

Talk to me in the dark of nightwhen there's silence, only your voice.Speak to me of your daytime thoughtsso I may hear you and ...

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Good Night My Love

Good night my love
I shall see you in my dreams...

Like the lotus dancing in the presence of the sun.
Like the peacock dancing...

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Montenegro is a country in the Balkans, on the Adriatic Sea. It is one of Europe's youngest countries, independent since 2006. ...

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Dead Flowers

Ye pressed and faded flowers, once so gay,Alas! now dead —Sad remnants are ye of a happy dayThat long has fled.Ah! well remembe...

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The November 3, 2013 total solar eclipse – is when the moon passes between the sun and the earth and directly blocks the ligh...

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Kawah Ijen Volcano

"The Ijen volcano complex is a group of composite volcanoes in the Banyuwangi Regency of East Java, Indonesia. Ijen and its su...

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Underwater Live

I have got these amazing photos from an ocean photgrapher Gabriel Guzman during my trip to Australia in 2017.


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The Cellist

As if she were a Spanish question mark,
she sits at the window and grows tall cypresses between her eyelids,
she takes out pock...

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If One Day

if one day you feel like me
I don't promise you that
I will make you laugh
but I can cry with you

if one da...

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Silo Of Disrepair

I am suspended amidst the chaoticdisassembling of paraplegic machinesTerminally doomed and forever withering into stone.Life in...

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