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Month: July 2018

Were the Gods Astronauts?


Nazca Lines of Peru, Etched into the driest desert in the world. The mysterious lines and figures of Nazca in Southern Peru are invisible from the ground.  Thought to have been made by the Nazca people, who flourished between 200 BC and 700 AD, in fact, these huge drawings were not discovered until the 1930s. The Nazca Lines include straight lines and geometric shapes as well as stylized depictions of animals, humans and plants. The figures include: monkey, condor, round-headed human (known as “the astronaut”), another human figure, spider, hummingbird, hands, tree.



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Do I have Copyright To My Selfie ?

A US appeals court has debated in whether or not a monkey can own the copyright to a selfie.

In 2015, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals )Peta) filed a suit against Mr. Slater, a wildlife photographer, on behalf of the macaque monkey.

Peta claimed that the animal was the rightful owner of the copyright.

Mr. Slater’s camera was used by a six year old male monkey named Naruto to take a selfie.

How to proceed in such a case? Can they or not any rights? Have a look at them and judge yourself …



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I saw a woman with red hair,
who left me caught in quite the stare.
While she ran her fingers through that red hair,
while she was just standing there.

That red haired woman standing there,
who ran her fingers through that red hair.
That red haired woman she drove me wild,
when she flashed that devilish smile.

That woman with red hair,
her gaze stripped me, left me bare.
That woman with red hair I made her mine.
And so together, we spent our time.

That red haired woman, how she made me feel inside.
Everytime I saw her, I felt I had just died.
That red haired woman, she was a heaven to me.
She could fill any that was empty.

That woman with red hair, she could not be tamed.
Her flowing essence, would never drain.
That woman with red hair, a free spirit of her own.
The greatest thing, I have ever known.

That red haired woman, who always got her way.
So to her, belonged each day.
That red haired woman, who had me trained.
and so soon, I was the one who was chained.

That woman with red hair, who was head to toe insane.
And had to cause so, way to much pain.
That woman with red hair, with whom I came to a bad end.
In a heartbeat, I’d do it all again.

by © Grobb Johnson


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The light is like a spider.
It crawls over the water.
It crawls over the edges of the snow.
It crawls under your eyelids
And spreads its webs there—
Its two webs.The webs of your eyes
Are fastened
To the flesh and bones of you
As to rafters or grass.There are filaments of your eyes
On the surface of the water
And in the edges of the snow.by Wallace Stevens


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Bathe Me With Your Love

Come and bathe me with your love
Shower me with your kisses
And rub me with the balm of your touch.

Shampoo my hair with the oil
of your generous kindness
Pour into my aching body
the blessings of God’s grace.

Hold me closely to hear
your whispers in the running water
Hold me tightly to your bosom
as if this is our last romance.

Come and bathe me with your love
Caress me with your gentle arms
And let me feel the beating of your heart.

Hold me closely to ward off
the eternity of absence
and let us celebrate these unending
yet mortal moments in the bath of our love.

by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Model: Marta

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Look down as they all look at you.
They watch and clap,
For you in just a moment.
They think that its amazing
What you’ve done.
That you were chosen for
This special occasion.
As soon as you walk off,
The stage and out of the
You are once again
Invisable to everyone.
Just a moment in time,
When everyone notices you.
Just a fragment of a second.
A glitch in a memory.
They see you for an instant,
Then your out of their minds.
Unseen, not heard.
Once you’re out of the
No one can notice.
On the stage, everyone sees,
Off you’re just a shadow.
Step onto the stage
Watch as the world applauses,
And step off.
Cause just for an instant
You were seen in the


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Bad Dreams


Bad dreams get lost in the humid air
My hands run through your pretentious hair
Some shades are seen and some walls are moving
This new display it’ll soon be ruined

Cold wind pretends it’s already morning

My lips are dry of an endless roaring
Some drinks got spilled and some smoke got out
I could have stayed if it was allowed

Your wings are spread and your eyes are closed
My feet mislead by your messy clothes
Some words are said and some thoughts are hidden
If I could run would I be forgiven?


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Water Nymph

Water Nymph come swim with me,
in the deepest valleys of the sea.
Swim through the eddies,
flirt with the sea ladies.
Many treasures here for you and me.
sirens of the sea waving happily.
Water nymph, water nymph,
did you see, they waved at me.
Come water nymph come swim with me.
Enjoy the vastness of the deep blue sea.
There are sea monkeys, sirens, mermaids and more.
Maybe we can take some treasures back to shore.
Oh cmon water nymph, don’t be shy.
Come swim with me, watch the boats sail by.

by Melvina Germain

Model: Beata

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