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Another Touch

Seeing you from time to time
I always smile inside
We speak about nothing
It’s like a prelude
To something else
Something more
I don’t know yet
But I like this
Somehow and I know
You like this too
So we are waiting
For another time
Another way
To find
Each other
Only in our dreams life
But it is so nice
So strange
When I see you
Again and again
It’s like a ray of a new day
Inside my heart
Another reason to smile
Another touch

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A Kiss

Drenching my mouth
In the pastels – tints
Of its passing,
Absorbing every touch of its colour
This warmth I love,
It pulsates in blood,
And I penetrate
Across its variety,
Pages of you
To become only
The small particle
Drinking from your mouth
My own soultellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

by Anna Cellmer

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Autumn Day

I feel two feet taller today
I feel the warmth of the sun on my face
I feel the wind swirling around me,
Drawing my clothes
Un-fixing my hair
On my lips, on my fingertips; alive
It is fresh and lovely
I want to stop walking and let it bend me to it’s will.
Autumn day.

by Hannah Gilchrist

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The Autumn Colors Paint Our Way

In autumn’s hues of red and gold,
Aerobic rhythms, a tale unfolds,
Amidst the leaves that gently sway,
We dance and move, in joyous play.

Beneath the sky of azure blue,
We find our stride, our spirits anew,
Through rustling leaves, we run and leap,
In nature’s gym, our souls will steep.

The air is crisp, it fills our lungs,
As we embrace the songs unsung,
With every step, we find release,
Aerobic grace, a sweet caprice.

In golden meadows, we’ll explore,
Our hearts aglow, forevermore,
Among the colors, we’ll ignite,
A dance of fitness, pure delight.

The autumn colors paint our way,
To brighter mornings, we will sway,
Aerobic rhythm, nature’s call,
In harmony, we’ll give our all.

So let us revel in this season,
Embrace the gift, the heartfelt reason,
To dance and move, as one we blend,
Aerobic fitness, a lifelong trend.

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Colors Of Love!

I can never forgive you,
for the colors of hatred,
you have poured on me.
But how can I forget that,
Once you’ve filled my life with,
Wonderful colors of love.

Colors of love is so golden that,
It can mingle with any color,
That one will not be surprised, 
When did the hatred turn into love.
So is the color admirable.

Hail! to the colors of world
Who have filled the world with different colors
With color of love being the best!

by Geetha Jayakumar

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The End Of Love Story

This is the end
The end of this
Story of love
Which has never existed
Anywhere just
In memory in thoughts
Just in my mind
Just in dreams I have had
I’m sorry but
This is really the end
I don’t have
Anything to say
To you
Just that
The real life
Is never like
You dream about
But, by the way
I don’t regret
Any word
Any poem
Any dream I have had
You are the part
Of me somehow
Just a little part of me now
And you will stay
As a memory
Of this perfect love
I have never had before
It’s nobody fault
It’s just a life
No, I’m not unhappy
No, but
I just know
What I wanted to know
And now I’m calm
I can live somehow
Just like that
It doesn’t hurt me
Yes I have
A few tears
The tears which are
Just a regret
That real life
Is never the same
As we dream about
And that
This love is gone
Just like that
No hope anymore
No light
It’s gone with the wind
Do you know
It’s just a life
That’s all
You could be my man
But we lost this chance
Many years ago
So, it’s gone
So, what to do now?
Do you know?
Live, I suppose
Just live and smile again
Free from love
But I loved you the most
I can’t say I don’t
But I understand
That you don’t
So, everything is clear now
Good bye, my Love
Good bye

by Anna Cellmer

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Her Witchcraft

ll this artful energy is divine, and legend –
Never a watched moment lost in tenderness;
Never the ghostly whisper of your gentle kiss,
Always the sweet surrender of the damned!
Look! Our frail past eclipsed by time;
Our meanings shouldered far away…they grew
Under our heartache, pushed past their prime…
Inside, I knew, that fateful day, I knew
Something stupid was summoned which closed our eyes;
Eyes drawn by exhaustian at the dread end game,
Making no sense at the mountain growth of lies…
And in this, I carefully erased your sacred name:
You have drowned me in your crafted world of pagan joys!

by Barry Van Asten

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The Daily Pains Of A Love Lost

Your elemental soul, filled with a hot fire
My spiritual heart, filled with a burning desire

A desire to love, to love my one and only…..
One and only? To love so young is to be left lonely

Lonely, without love, yet I have a chance
A chance to seal this pact, seal it with one final dance

A dance? A dance with the devil shall give me life
A life so prosperous I shall end this strife

What is a strife to someone so early, so young?
The stressors of a fight so young may leave me by a rope, hung

To die so young, these are thoughts of an act so weak
I vow to never fall victim to an act so unique

These philisophical words, so verbose, shall be ended with a kiss
A kiss, a kiss from the lips I dearly miss

I end here with a memory of your sweet affection
An affection that has brought on this welcomed infection.

by J.T. Solomon

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The Dream

Love, if I weep it will not matter,
And if you laugh I shall not care;
Foolish am I to think about it,
But it is good to feel you there.

Love, in my sleep I dreamed of waking,—
White and awful the moonlight reached
Over the floor, and somewhere, somewhere,
There was a shutter loose,—it screeched!

Swung in the wind,—and no wind blowing!—
I was afraid, and turned to you,
Put out my hand to you for comfort,—
And you were gone! Cold, cold as dew,

Under my hand the moonlight lay!
Love, if you laugh I shall not care,
But if I weep it will not matter,—
Ah, it is good to feel you there!

by Edna St. Vincent Millay

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White Black And Red

I need you to know
I am a child of the night
I wear this white dress
gone black
from always crying with make up on my eyes.
I’m wearing this gown
it looks like my red heart
just like me it’s tearin’ apart
sometimes I wanna die
is it really necessary to feel broken inside?
I’m on the run
I’m running for and from my life
rain clouds seem to gather in the sky and in my mind
I don’t know why
why I always keep on tryin’.
I can’t get rid of this
my memories are still haunting me
they go everywhere I go
is it still possible to believe?
I can’t take it anymore
not now
I don’t know how
how could it end up like this
it’s torn apart sore and black.

by Lynette Lawrence

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