Dear peacock when you dance in a forest,
It’s the beauty itself that dances with you,
Can you tell me how do you love and the rest?
How your beloved romances with you?

Heard when you dance too much in emotion,
Tears come out of your eyes in love,
She comes with the kisses of stars in passion,
Did you teach this art to the lovely dove?

Dear dove while flying you manage to be loved,
It’s the love itself that glides with you,
Can you teach this art to my angry beloved?
Who is in your soul that rides with you?

Riding on someone the couple when sings,
We say it is wind it’s not unicorn,
Sure it’s an animal with the mighty wings,
That telecasts this attractive porn.

Dear mermaids have you seen this porn?
Tell the dolphins I know you are shy,
I am still a child and I play in a morn,
And in aurora of a dusky sky,

Dear dolphins write the secret on the waves,
The waves will wet and excite the sand,
Bring Milky Way with the shining paves,
Running bare footed she will hold my hand,

We shall dive in the sea and go on an island,
Whereat we shall see the grave of hate,
Dancing flying and a hand in hand,
We shall enjoy a lovely date.

by Akhtar Jawad