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Month: November 2020

White Black And Red

I need you to know
I am a child of the night
I wear this white dress
gone black
from always crying with make up on my eyes.
I’m wearing this gown
it looks like my red heart
just like me it’s tearin’ apart
sometimes I wanna die
is it really necessary to feel broken inside?
I’m on the run
I’m running for and from my life
rain clouds seem to gather in the sky and in my mind
I don’t know why
why I always keep on tryin’.
I can’t get rid of this
my memories are still haunting me
they go everywhere I go
is it still possible to believe?
I can’t take it anymore
not now
I don’t know how
how could it end up like this
it’s torn apart sore and black.

by Lynette Lawrence

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