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A Winter Love

I can feel cold in winter.
Cold is freezing my wet soil.
Snowflakes softly make a halo
as you watch me closer and closer.
You help me out of my coat.
Lean closer, hold me tight.
Softly you kiss me, once, twice.
My face so closes to you,
closes enough to kiss.
I wonder if you kiss me again
to make winter cold become warm.
Forever to you.
The love, I wish

by Natasa Tocuc


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My World Is Falling Down

there’s such a sad love
deep in my eyes, a kind of pale Jewel
opened and closed within my eyes
there’s such a fooled heart
beating so fast in search of new dreams
a love that will die within my heart
the pain sweeps through
it makes no sense for me
every thrill has gone
it wasn’t too much fun at all
my world is falling down
you paint me mornings of gold
you spin me valentine evenings
I feel like a stranger
choosing the wrong paths
I have no love just an empty space
my eyes can be cruel
I’m always a bad romance

Model: Agnieszka (paranoja)

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Beautiful Skin

I love the shades
Of your beautiful skin
How in winter it blends
With the sheets we’ve been laying in

I love how the summer sun
Rains as you tan
When your resting on the beach
Laying in the sand

In autumn your skin glows in lantern light
Halloween your skin hides
But I can see your eyes under the mask
And later on I’ll see what’s inside

I love the spring rains turning you porcelain
I love the skin you live in
The flowers aid your angel scent
The intoxicated smell is the reason I sin

I love the beautiful skin your living in
I’m addicted to the taste of it
I love the scent driving me in love
I love the beautiful skin you live in

by Christian Rivera

Model: Gracja

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Tainted Lovers, Love Lying Lovers Lies

With you inside me,
feeling my soul,
I let out a moan.
It’s sinful, sinful I remind myself.
But it feels so right.
Your fingertips digging into my hips,
my arms meeting on your chest,
I can almost hear your heartbeating.
Without hesitation,
I push down.
Moving so as to penitrate deeper.
I want you to feel the sorrow,
buried deep in my being.
See the dreams I gave up on.
What does life have left to offer me, besides sadness?
Is my perception so far from reality?
I feel so distant.
When we lay together,
I uncontrolably cover you in sweet kisses.
It’s a poor substitue for tears,
but it’s unseen just the same.
I will wrap you in my arms,
and pretend that I’m alright.
But really, what is alright anymore?
I have all these thoughts, shimmering behind my eyes.
Can you not see them?
My fingers are crossed,
and I promise.
I make promises, I don’t always intend to keep.
But I’m sure you’ve realized that.
I’m sorry I could never be enough for you.
Through eyes so clouded,
the word beauty would never leave my tongue.
I don’t see myself as such.
Infact, I feel almost,
What love could I give you,
but a tainted one?

by Dakota Ellerton

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By The Park Bench, Waiting

I situate myself
On a park bench, under a towering tree
Where the doves perch and the beasts are free
Wan and wild, prancing blissfully absolved from reality.
Where I watch them on the handsome tapestry,
My eyes contented and gratified with such scenery.

Under the Sun where I could talk frankly,
With the rays of the light that purges me evidently.
I feel renewed, I feel alive as if the dawning of January.
And the fabric that I wear falls softly on my skin,
As if I am one, with the resilience of the satin.

All of the children are playing endlessly,
Playing tag, or hide-and-seek, I wish to join them
On their flawless motions and their calm breathing
But what hinders me, is what I have been feeling
That you’re not home yet, what am I doing?

The quiescent morning does not appeal to me,
And the lucent aurora speak so much with ecstasy,
That I should sit there idly on the park bench
But with a longing as deep as a trench,
There is such thirst that nothing could ever quench.

I will be waiting for you on the park bench
No matter how long shall it take for you to get here,
Ride the subway, take the train, bring an umbrella because it might rain
As long as you’re not here, I will remain like the barley
Resting with the tall grass and juxtaposed to the stationary monkey bars

And if you would not come, then I must have been cursed
Like the butterfly that carries the raindrops over wings that are marred
For in these moments that you are not here, it is hard
To vindicate myself whether this be a fantasy, or this is all but real
So without you, tell me what to believe and what to feel.

by Windsor Guadalupe Jr

Model: Alicja
Retouch: Anna Liwińska

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If You Only Knew

If you only knew,
what thoughts I’d been hiding.
If you could see the things I see,
you’d never sleep.
If you only knew,
how many times I’d gone to take my life,
and how many times you’d save it.
I couldn’t be more thankful to have met you.
But more regretful for pushing you away.

You and I have grown to enjoy eachother,
to love one another.
But such a thing is unheard of.
If you only knew,
what I’d done for you,
what you’ve done for me.
I’ve become so much more,
then I’d ever wanted.
I’m someone I hate.
Through the lies and deceptions,
I’m as cruel as Them.
What kind of sinner,
would you call me?
I could never be completley heartless,
but I can be the heartbreak you feel.
I can be the burning sensation you feel through your veins.
I am manipulative.
So what good would it be,
to keep air in my lungs?
Even in madness,
I know how to live, how to laugh,
how to love.
There’s so many thing’s only I’ve seen,
yes, if you only knew.

by Dakota Ellerton

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Melancholy Love

Love can have a hold
An unwanted hold on you
Despondent individual
Downcast heart
Love is hidden, deep, deep below
That glum exterior.
But it is there, hidden well
That is why he stays,
Why pity remains
Hanging around like a drugged up thief.
Yours is a melancholy love
Of that I am certain.

by Della Perry

Model: Daria

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The Woman in the Red Dress

The woman in the red dress
How I admire thee
How could one walk with such grace
And such beauty?
The woman in the red dress
Your comforting eyes
The beautiful color
Resembles the sunrise
The woman in the red dress
So young and youthful
A lie never leaves your lips
You are always truthful
The woman in the red dress
Your name, unknown
Your voice speaks with
The most beautiful of tone
The woman in the red dress
Why must you go?
Why don’t you stay
And allow our love to grow?

by Devon McElveen

Model: Aleksandra

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In the Army Now

A tent
A cold brown tent
This is where I sleep
A river of soldiers’ blood
This is what I see
Piles and piles of dead bodies
This is what I smell
Killing, shooting, firing guns
This is what I hear
I’m in the army now
And these are the things I see
These are the things I smell
These are the things I hear
I’m in the army now and these are the things I fear

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Secret Room

A little room within my heart
has a door that wears a star
with a weathered name emblazoned there.
This is where you are.

It’s not a large room, tucked away,
but where my soul can see
just where it is in case I need
a precious memory.

The door is safely closed now
for a time that’s yet to come,
but when and if it does,
the door will melt away, my love.

by C.J. Heck

Model: Izabelle
Retouch: Anna Liwińska


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