If you only knew,
what thoughts I’d been hiding.
If you could see the things I see,
you’d never sleep.
If you only knew,
how many times I’d gone to take my life,
and how many times you’d save it.
I couldn’t be more thankful to have met you.
But more regretful for pushing you away.

You and I have grown to enjoy eachother,
to love one another.
But such a thing is unheard of.
If you only knew,
what I’d done for you,
what you’ve done for me.
I’ve become so much more,
then I’d ever wanted.
I’m someone I hate.
Through the lies and deceptions,
I’m as cruel as Them.
What kind of sinner,
would you call me?
I could never be completley heartless,
but I can be the heartbreak you feel.
I can be the burning sensation you feel through your veins.
I am manipulative.
So what good would it be,
to keep air in my lungs?
Even in madness,
I know how to live, how to laugh,
how to love.
There’s so many thing’s only I’ve seen,
yes, if you only knew.

by Dakota Ellerton