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Month: January 2021

An Old Fireplace

In the hearth’s embrace, a fire’s gleam,
A timeless tale, a mesmerizing dream,
An old fireplace, with stories to tell,
As shadows dance, its secrets swell.

Amid the flames, a silhouette appears,
A vision in lace, that stirs and sears,
A woman in lingerie, alluring and bold,
A sight that leaves the heart consoled.

In flickering light, she casts a spell,
A sultry dance, a temptress’ swell,
The embers blush beneath her gaze,
As passion ignites, in smoldering haze.

Her grace, a dance of fiery art,
A symphony of desire, she imparts,
The ancient hearth and beauty rare,
Two entities fused, a timeless affair.

Yet let us not forget the flame’s embrace,
The fire’s warmth, the hearth’s sweet grace,
Beyond the allure of lingerie’s thrill,
A tale of warmth and comfort, standing still.

In the old fireplace, and the woman’s glow,
A story intertwines, with ardor’s flow,
A dance of contrasts, in harmony bound,
A memory cherished, forever found.

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