With you inside me,
feeling my soul,
I let out a moan.
It’s sinful, sinful I remind myself.
But it feels so right.
Your fingertips digging into my hips,
my arms meeting on your chest,
I can almost hear your heartbeating.
Without hesitation,
I push down.
Moving so as to penitrate deeper.
I want you to feel the sorrow,
buried deep in my being.
See the dreams I gave up on.
What does life have left to offer me, besides sadness?
Is my perception so far from reality?
I feel so distant.
When we lay together,
I uncontrolably cover you in sweet kisses.
It’s a poor substitue for tears,
but it’s unseen just the same.
I will wrap you in my arms,
and pretend that I’m alright.
But really, what is alright anymore?
I have all these thoughts, shimmering behind my eyes.
Can you not see them?
My fingers are crossed,
and I promise.
I make promises, I don’t always intend to keep.
But I’m sure you’ve realized that.
I’m sorry I could never be enough for you.
Through eyes so clouded,
the word beauty would never leave my tongue.
I don’t see myself as such.
Infact, I feel almost,
What love could I give you,
but a tainted one?

by Dakota Ellerton