This is the end
The end of this
Story of love
Which has never existed
Anywhere just
In memory in thoughts
Just in my mind
Just in dreams I have had
I’m sorry but
This is really the end
I don’t have
Anything to say
To you
Just that
The real life
Is never like
You dream about
But, by the way
I don’t regret
Any word
Any poem
Any dream I have had
You are the part
Of me somehow
Just a little part of me now
And you will stay
As a memory
Of this perfect love
I have never had before
It’s nobody fault
It’s just a life
No, I’m not unhappy
No, but
I just know
What I wanted to know
And now I’m calm
I can live somehow
Just like that
It doesn’t hurt me
Yes I have
A few tears
The tears which are
Just a regret
That real life
Is never the same
As we dream about
And that
This love is gone
Just like that
No hope anymore
No light
It’s gone with the wind
Do you know
It’s just a life
That’s all
You could be my man
But we lost this chance
Many years ago
So, it’s gone
So, what to do now?
Do you know?
Live, I suppose
Just live and smile again
Free from love
But I loved you the most
I can’t say I don’t
But I understand
That you don’t
So, everything is clear now
Good bye, my Love
Good bye

by Anna Cellmer