It was midnight when someone knocking,
From my window, heard you shouting.
Rushing downstairs, my doors to open.
Asking you why all of a sudden?

You kneel in front of me and speaks,
‘Sire’, you are badly needed, please?
For what matter this urgent request?
I asked you noble man, please repeat?

Your Highness, your loving Princess,
Was captured by an unknown bliss.
A so-called prince want her very death.
Saving her will put you to the test…

Lightning and thunder fires my way.
Like roaring lions on midday.
Running my horse as fast as I can,
Saving my beloved from a man…

I fought with fierce and with courage,
I toppled them with fiery rage.
I’m wet with blood, now losing my strength.
If I die, who’s going to save death?

Alas, the moment has arrived.
My loving Princess, now you’re freeze.
Are you going to die without me?
I’m saving you and now you are free…

But why when I free you, blood shed?
Your breathing heavily and bleed?
I hold you and hug you very tight,
Saying ‘I Love You’ this very night…

Letting you die in my own arms,
so unfair, wants to slice my hands..
Finally, without nothing to say,
‘Los Siento’ Princess, I’ll die today…

by Reagan A. Latumbo

Model: Daria