Everyday gets easier
But it’s still hard to say goodbye
Every time you walk away
It hurts a little less each day

Your hugs are still warm
And your smile still lights up your face
Your laugh still makes me smile
And your face still catches my eye

It’s getting easier to walk away
But I still wish you’d grab my hand
It’s getting easier to just hang out
But I still wish you’d kiss my lips

It’s getting easier now
But I still wish you’d hold me
And I miss the light in your eyes
Every time you’d see me
But I still see it every once in a while

I miss the words I love you
Rolling off your lips
And still believe they’ll roll again
To me, yes, and I’ll return

Because even though you’ve hurt me
And broke my heart in two
I still say I love you in my head
Every time I see you

But they probably won’t roll
Off my tongue for you
Until you speak them to me
Then I’ll know you love me

And then it’ll be ok for you
To hold me, kiss me, and never let me go
And I’ll return the favor

As though we never went through a period
Where you didn’t love me at all

by Frani Bell

Model: Kate & Dawid
Retouch: Anna Liwińska