If love was a forest
I tip toe the climb through its beating heart
There is lost love, the dry deaf leaves
Strewn ground high and spread thick with utility
And there is love yet felt
The young vigorous flora juicing on the branch or vine
Waiting to be plucked or forced fall head over heels
Onto it’s destined prey
And there are rocks, dirt and the melange of mayhem
Where love trips and collides with mortal wonder
The unsuspecting hearts and whims of others
Where considerations can be aberrations
Sometimes forcing scrapes and cuts and wounds
That may never heal
Yet to walk through…
To stop at times and gaze along the way
To wander deep into impervious platitudes which lure and mesmerize
To lose the path, endure the anguish
Where light goes missing and no direction leads home
To survive despair, starvation and last rites
Only to be saved by an angel
Made of sunlight and magic elixir
Especially for, and only capable of being consumed by you
…is reason enough to press on.

by Suburban Lovechild

Model: Aleksandra