Your beauty cause me to dream
That someday I may know your name
Your simplicity call my sight to follow your way
Each moment you pass by and so happy

Day by day at the window I saw you
With that golden eyes painted with love
That gave me courage to do the same
Though I can’t bear the pain of loving
After I was left by your own kind

Maybe I’m too quick or so weak
To undress my heart for your sake
Or to hard to let go of the memories ‘we’ shared
And the laughter and tears ‘we’ shade

Finally I lay my mind
Hard to take caused my heart to break
Living behind were ‘we’ begun
Woman I love you but I have still this fear

That I might be the loser
Again and again with this kind of game
Yes, I understand you’re different
But cannot blame me after that love affair

Anyway I do believe
Love cannot be measure by the gain
But by the pain the lover had passed
Despite the hardship of the relationship

by Jordan Legaspi

Model: Lacrimosa