Bed time my love and I miss you so much.
See you in dream land where I can’t wait
to just hug, hold, and kiss you.
Feel the warmth of your body and love.
Hear you tell me the sadness and loneliness are done,
because you’re now here and never going to leave.
I’ll tell you everything is alright because
I’m breaking down all my walls and will
always give you my all.

It’s bed time my love and I’m sending you
all of my warmth and love,
with the biggest kisses and hugs.
God I love you so very much.
To you my heart is calling saying in spirit
tonight please just hold me so close.
Right now I need you so much
let me feel your comforting love.

It’s bed time my love and you’re
the Angel that gets me through the
coldest and loneliest of nights.
With a hug and a kiss I say
I love you and goodnight.
You are so dearly missed.

by Michael P. McParland

Model: Alex