You’ll grow up one day my dear sister
and you’ll realize the beautiful world you see
is a pale love of those who greed
the blue sky you see these days
glue that picture in your mind
for you are never going to see it again
when you grow up my dear…
I wish you hadn’t…
I wish you never learn that people lie
people hate…
people are the machineries of wicked things
I wish I never see you hurt,
because I know you will get hurt some day
by some bad friend whose words are cold and pale
or by people, who never seem to get enough of weak laughter…
I wish I never see any dropp of tear on your soft innocent face
you’ll always be my baby sister
but hear my dear,
the words I say are true
you’ll grow up one day…one day soon
and I shall not be there forever…
learn to be thankful for beautiful things in this world
love the nature, love every part of it
and know my dear…
dreams are not real
real is for what you kneel…

by Arta Krasniqi

Model: Anna & Magdalena