Tell me,
what am I supposed to feel?
I loved you once,
loved all of you.
I did what I could,
to keep from hurting you.
But what pain do I inflict now?
Is it the same as yours?
The feel of your hand on my skin,
caressing my ripped flesh.
How could I not love you?

Yours lips pressed against my body,
I can feel your heart racing.
I can taste your soul.
The bittersweet innocence,
you no longer have.
You were once pure,
I was pure.
One event, just one,
has changed a lifetime.
With eyes unclouded,
I see all of who you are,
who you were.
You’ve touched my heart.
The ink tip pressed to my skin.
It will never really fade.
Is this how you’re going to save my life?
Or is this how you’re going to take it?

by Dakota Ellerton

Model: Olimpia