You follow fashion,
we follow fashion,
he follows fashion,
we all follow fashion,
all black women,
all black men,
all white women
all white men,
are obsessed with fashion.
wear a naughty hair-cut,
try on a pair of small capri jeans,
even if you look odd,
they would praise you,
is that fashion?
Non-sense fashion,
trend will change every year,
new outlets open across the street,
they sell jeans, jeweleries, and shoes,
all is good but all is crap,
my mother holds a small stall,
in a small street near a school,
she sells little hand-made pendants,
which she makes with all her heart,
spends a night in making a design,
spends another night to make it look perfect,
at the end it sells for few pence,
if it were nothing but a piece of trash,
big brands have name,
they have a big money,
they put in less effort,
and cash for cheap things,
my mother is poor and so miserable,
she designs name pendants with all her efforts,
it brings nothing,
em, nothing at all,
neither big money nor big fame.
Is that justice,
is that fair?

by lustyfashion trend

Model: Magdalena
Retouch: Anna Liwińska

Film: Ilford Delta Pro Fine Grain B&W (ISO 100)
Camera: M645 PRO + 80/1.9