I’m an alien to myself,
Because, I often improvise my doings
I don’t feel satisfied,
for whatever I have achieved
I don’t stop at any point,
no matter how much resistance perceived

I’m an alien to my family,
Because, I am often misunderstood
I don’t want to lead my life,
like a traditional business
I don’t care about the definition of success,
that doesn’t bring happiness

I’m an alien to the society,
Because, I often disapprove its norms
I don’t discriminate people,
in the name of ideology, physique or possession
I don’t love or hate people,
on the ground of color, language or religion

They all stand still and stare at me,
as if I am from a different galaxy
But if I’m an alien,
don’t we need more aliens in the society?

© Deependra Kumar Jha

Model: Aleksandra & Aleksandra