She sits there quiet in the dark of night
Alone, afraid, confused;
She wants to know what she’s done wrong
And why she’s been abused;
Loved ones that she thought were there
Have turned their backs-
They do not care.
She cries herself to sleep at night
And calls out for someone…
But no-one’s there to hear her cry
No-one, No, Not one.
Her heart, it breaks, she must’ve sinned
To have such punishment;
All she wants is to be held
The way a young child’s meant.
One day she will realise
The truth behind her sadness-
It’s not because she was so wrong-
It’s not her percieved badness…
She craved the things she didn’t get,
She needed what they lack;
She simply wants what we all need…
To love and be loved back.

Toni O’Neill

Model: Magdalena