Boothill Graveyard is a small graveyard of at least 250 interments located in TombstoneCochise County, Arizona.[2] Also known as the “Old City Cemetery”, the graveyard was used after 1883 only to bury outlaws and a few others. Notable interments and grave markers:

  • Marshal Fred White, killed by Curly Bill Brocius on October 30, 1880.
  • Tom McLauryFrank McLaury, and Billy Clanton, killed in the O.K. Corral shootouton October 26, 1881.
  • Dan “Big Dan” Dowd, Omer W. “Red” Sample, James “Tex” Howard, William E. “Billy” Delaney and Daniel “York” Kelly, perpetrators of the Bisbee massacre, legally hanged on March 28, 1884. John Heath, accused of organizing the robbery leading to the massacre, has a grave marker nearby but his body was actually returned to his hometown in Terrell, Texas.
  • Jack Dunlop aka “Three Fingered Jack” died of wounds on February 24, 1900 after an attempted holdup.[5]
  • China Mary a.k.a. Mrs. Ah Lum. According to True West Magazine China Mary managed a well-stocked general store where she dealt in both American and Chinese goods. Mary was also a money lender and she used her own judgment to determine borrower’s credibility. When Mary died of heart failure in 1906, the town folks had a large turnout for her service. She was buried in Tombstone’s Boothill Cemetery.[6]