The Rose that grew from concrete
Still beautiful in every form
Its stem is strong and sturdy
Although some petals have been torn

The petals could be tears
As it struggled to get through
The fight was rough and fierce
The weight was something new

For no other rose
Had ever gone through this road
It was given a path less traveled
It was given a tremendous load

But the rose began to grow
To everybody’s surprise
Nobody ever thought
From the concrete it would rise

Through the concrete it continued
Getting roughed up as it grew
Gaining valuable experience
Learning things it never knew

Its perseverance led to strength
As it broke through the cracks
It knew it had come this far
Why bother to look back

But the dues paid to get here
Are sometimes to be admired
It shows the character and heart
And the strength of its desire

After fighting for so long
It finally reached the light of day
It was then it knew
It didn’t want it any other way

For all of the characteristics of this rose
Have led it to persevere
The journey was dark and troublesome
But the effort was sincere

Along the way there were moments
What its mind was full of doubt
Times it had to dig deep
If it ever wanted to sprout

Now in full blossom
The rose looks back at its struggle
It beams bright with pride
For overcoming its troubles

The rose that grew from concrete
Powerful and pure
Beautiful yet rugged
After everything endured

The rose that grew from concrete
Certainly one of a kind
Love growing in the heart
Memories etched in the mind

The rose that grew from concrete
At last standing in peace
Forever living in glory
As the battle has now ceased