Rolling hills,
Warm sun,
Trickling creek.
Such is the face,
Of the summer country.

White dress,
Slender arms,
Smiling face.
The girl gazes into the crystalline creek.

Her small fingers feel,
The cold running water,
Such a difference from the warm day.

It is sunny,
It is windy.
One couldn’t ask for more.
The girl hums happily,
As she dons her straw hat.

Small birds in the sky,
Dancing in the air.
She longs to join them,
But is content to watch.

Flowers swaying in the breeze,
As if they,
Are waving at her.
She waves back,

The sun reaches its zenith,
And it sees the world in full.
It sees a girl in a straw hat,
Lounging in the shade of a tree.
The girl sees the sun looking,
And waves.

Soon the sun must set,
And the girl must go on home.
But for now,
She is content,
To sit and live in the present,
And leave the future to the future.

by Justin Chan

Model: Kamila
Retouched: Anna Liwińska