As early sunshine covered up
the wider garden,
The sight swell buzzing by
echo sounds of purple martin,
The green leafs lulled,
bunchs of red cherry,
Each pair lure like
ringlet of lady regent,
Who might’ve recently marry,

And purple colours gathered the scenes down,
Over daintly shoulders of garden,
Spring flowers brought the holy shine,
Each flower that embroidery wears,
Smiled profond,

From the side of glory hill,
The flying birds did shrill,
Happy gaotha hosted a music concert,
A harmony of love drill,
In the cherry villa,

Amabilia: the scene become so amusing,
As a newly wedded maid set on swinger;
While the shrine bell ring,

The starling set forth to sing,
Sea gull too cut short his beach sleep to,
Ward his mistress
Sitting brooding in windy walls of cherry villa

by Affaq Nabi