Fingers trace along your lips,
Painting the lines, exclusively laid bare across the ripples that paint as passionately as they lay,
as the passion fruit bliss, of the bite of your kiss,
A warm breeze zips by,
The passing of your breath,
Intwine with mine,
I tried to love you,
Before love knew definition,
A strong migrain left alone, to wither,
In the whisper of a thought,
As true romance happens,
As day becomes night,
And night ushers day,
As they wash in the look of each others eyes,
The wind bares witness,
As promise is made,
The sun, the moon, gifts given as result,
A mere fruit that sets sail,
From your eye, to mine,
As I admit,
I tried to hate you,
Before desire kindled from my tongue to yours

by Kewayne Wadley