As I lay here in total darkness
or even a dimmed room.
I start to space out cause your not around.
The darkness clouds my mind,
but you brighten my day.
You seem to boost me up
when I am down.
But most of all you’ve filled my heart with
a love it never knew.
My heart was once empty and cold.
Till you came with your warm tender words.
I’ve shield myself from feeling the kind of love
that I never knew.
When I look at your smile, it’s a smile of hopes
and dreams.
Dreams that would one day break the shield
that closed my heart.
I so often wonder of the darkest days.
And dream of the day for total brightness.
My heart shield from the love you gave.
cause it never knew what real love was.
So I shield my heart to an unknown love.

by blossom schovanec