What beauty as she shines in the light of the sun,
Full of love, yet her heart impossible to be won.
A woman of nature, a woman of life,
Someday a woman to be someone’s wife.

But oh, how the tides have turned,
How clouded her mind becomes of lessons love-learned.
The walls come down once again,
Not something so easily to happen now and then.

Carefully stepping out into the water, but not all at once,
The sea is cold and unpromising, she’s no dunce,
She knows what could come, falling through alone,
Sinking through the ocean like the world’s smallest stone.

A fight for love is never an easy pick,
Their words hurt more than stone or stick.
Believed to be falling to her end,
Forgetting that underneath she has many a friend.

Willing to do more than most would do,
No matter what, they’ll always come through,
And she knows this to be true.

They have her back through her chase of love,
Sailing across the oceans with clouds up above.
Waiting along for that one right for her,
No matter the wind, no matter the thunder.

It will all be worth it in the end, she knows this now.
As she looks out over the edge of her bow.
It’s fun to be had, it’s a lesson to be learned,
It’s something she knows that she’ll one day earn.

by Casey Gochnour