She sat on the beach
Staring out at the crashing waves
Her eyes misted over as she recalls his sweet kiss

As their lips touch, a cascade of feelings and dreams
Ran across her mind as she remembers a life time of love

She looks to the right, as she envisions a time
Where they both held hands in the rippling sands

And like a couple in love they run and frolic
With laughter and joy, as they splash and run in the sun

She now stares into the sunset as she watches
The pastel colours of light reflect off the ocean waves

And remembers how at this very spot they held each other tight
And as the evening shade caressed their warm cool skin

They sank to the sand in passion and ecstasy
Forever lost in dreams

She sits upon the shore
Recalling her memories of sweet tender love

He gasps….she turns with tears in her eyes
As she walks straight through the man she loves

Was it the trick of the morning light?
Or did he see her once again

Hands shaking he blinks then rubs his eyes
It was just the morning light

He looks to the left
He looks to the right

There is no one in sight
Laden with a broken heart

He wanders back down the deserted beach
As he remembers a time before she was lost

by Kaila George