If i don’t swing,
you find me cowering.
Hiding behind the truth,
begotten with discomfort.
Disparaging my longing
all across the world.
So you find my everywhere,
in shattered pieces
of my dreams and hope.
Also uttering my sadness,
and pain.
So no mather how shattered
i may seem.
It is also my strengt,
since there are many more
like me everywhere you go.
And sooner or later,
we’ll gather to join forces.
Ready to put all the pieces
together of what will be
a colourfull mosaic.
Expressing humanity’s soul,
forging a great monument
of our true longing
to not only to overcome our
pain but more so to share
all our life story’s put together.
Raising the glory,
we seemed forgotten for so long,
as we felt the downside of living
life on earth.
Cause oncemore we’ll remember
eachother of the longing we’ll
carried with us in our heart
all along right from the start.
So everybody will learn
the hidden truth from our youth.
It will be a glad tiding,
once we become heralds
who are the message.
Rather then people who
have a message about life.
And from that day on,
Humanity’s soul
will truly revive
all we knew to be
installed for us.

© Ruerd Visser

Model: Aleksandra