Can you believe in me?
I watch your features of an angel
Reflect in the moonlight
And the pale warmth begins.

You watch the last
Dying embers of life’s morbidity,
The fading of youth’s season-
A passing permanence of today’s era.

For me, it’s love at first sight.

My record of your beauty changes
With each passing of the clock-
My love and awe never die,
Shone back to you around my cracks.

Your sweet breath is the heat of eternity
And I hang onto it clenched
Knowing it will die
Knowing it will pass,

Wanting you anyway.

You can’t see me, but I’m here in front of you
My heart surrounds you, intangible-
So full, yet so blank.
You know you are the glory of this world,

For I have shown you.

So can you believe?

© Tsani Jones