I lost me…

My eyes have forgotten how to cry.
My heart has forgotten how to feel.
My soul has gone missing.
I am so empty inside.

It’s a dark, dark place inside of me.
Full of cobwebs, full of hate.
Full of anger, and full of sadness.
Why must I be so misserable?

My face is pale, my lips are pale.
My eyes and my heart are hollow.
I cannot feel anything…
pain, once so sharp, is now dull and weak in me.

Staring off into a black oblivion.
My life is becoming so bleak.
I sit, rocking back and forth,
remembering the day I lost my soul, my heart…my everything.

Crimson…crimson everywhere.
A glint of something shiny lying on the floor.
A door slamming shut, I pick my clothes up off the floor.
I try to regain my thoughts, but they’re spinning out of control.

Later, blood seeping from the cut on my arm.
A soft moan escapes my lips as I slowly drag the blade up my arm.
Hating myself for not being able to stop what happened.
Hating you for doing it.

White…white tub with me laying in it.
Water rising higher and higher.
My tears helping to fill it.
As I turn the water off, my tears stop, I can no longer cry.

I lost everything that day.
I lost my soul, I lost my heart.
I lost you, but most of all…
I lost me.

by Tiffany Green